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  Enterprise Resource Planning Software

An enterprise wide solution which integrates all core business processes of an organization (procurement, inventory, manufacturing, distribution, sales and finance). ORION brings in full functional manufacturing resource planning capabilities, to the enterprise enconpassing sales forcasting, production planning, capacity requirement planning and material requirement. ORION has the capablity to handle complex requirements of the manufacturing industry, relating to planning and day to day functions.

Is an intergarated muti funcitonal soultion on the Orcalce paltform, designed specially for trading organizations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Merlin's scalability and flexible design supports multi-division / muti-department profit centers and cost centers kind of organization structures. Mertlin has been develped in Oracle 8 RDBMS environment and can be implemented on a wide range of hardware and operating systems.

  M commerce  

A whole new world of possibilites emerges when technologies like WAP (wirless application protocol) and Bluetooth allow real time, location indiependent access to various information and services . For banks in particular, technology has allowed them to get closer to their customers, understand them better and be able to effectively service them anytime, anywhere It has created sercice delivery channels that allow the customers to do their banking at their convenience First it was the ATM then telebanking follwed by internet banking and now its is WAP enabled banking applications

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Internet and Software Solutions, our team of experienced software engineers are capable of developing programmes to your business requirements. Developing
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